The 2018 Winter Line of Guitar Straps is Here


This is by far the most exotic line of leather guitar straps Ethos has ever designed. “We really just wanted to up the game a bit, you know, offer some new looks that frankly no other strap companies are doing,” says lead designer and President, Chad Little. From the super high-end “Eye of the Stingray” inlays, to more subtle and traditional uses of the stingray, ostrich-leg leather, and Ethos’ signature Italian leathers, these new straps are no doubt “stage-worthy” and primed to be the talk of any guitarist’s gear lineup.


The Art Team and photographers set out to try and capture these new designs…and what they came away with does not disappoint. With two new artist/context shots, a stellar “Hero” shot, all under some awesome, cinematic lighting, the new poses highlight the exotic leathers and one-of-a-kind designs perfectly. “When you can’t touch, smell or try on these straps, you have to do your best to show the straps in use and capture the details…it’s what our customers have come to expect,” says Little. These new photos are sure to help the most meticulous shoppers pick out their new favorite Ethos Strap!

Your Guitar Deserves It

Great guitars are not inexpensive…so why dress them with a cheap, inexpensive strap. Ethos custom guitar straps offer a tremendous value compared to other competitors, in that not only are the designs unique and eye-catching, but the comfort is rivaled by no other straps in the business. From the most feather-light and soft padding to the glove-tanned, supple lining, Ethos straps distribute the weight of the heaviest bass and electric guitars evenly across the shoulder allowing for hours of playability. Acoustic guitar players are not left out either! The lengths of our guitar strap and ease of adjustability make for a sure fit for the most finicky of aficionados. So, don’t leave your baby hanging from any ole strap off the shelf….dress her up with Ethos….you both deserve it!